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Author: Mark

  • Le Tour Up North: Day 3

    When I was planning this adventure I was worried about the first two days, packing in some big miles to give myself breathing room later in the week. I wasn’t worried at all about my so called “rest day”, a short fifty mile middle section to give myself a little bit of recovery. I spoke […]

  • Le Tour Up North: Day 2

    Waking on day two, the first thing I noticed was the chill in the air. At just over 1000 feet above sea level, it wasn’t the highest point of the trip, but I was the highest point I’d be camping at for the week. I was slightly concerned about how my legs would feel after […]

  • Le Tour Up North: Day 1

    On the 31st August 2020, I set off from MediaCityUK in Salford, to travel back to Pacific Quay on Glasgow on my bike. I wanted to raise money for Children in Need, so I took a slightly different route to the one that would take me directly home as quickly as possible. I’ve managed to […]

  • Reflecting on Close Calls

    I’d imagine most people reading this are aware of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) meetings.  Maybe you know them better as Postmortems. If you’ve not attended one or heard of the concept before, RCAs are meetings following an incident that resulted in unexpected outcome in a system. They can be for bugs, human error or third […]

  • Chasing Long Shadows

    Having not ridden with Colin since this years edition of the Five Ferries (Le Cinque Bateaux in 2021 for sponsorship reasons), it was a welcome WhatsApp notification when he asked if I fancied a pre-Christmas spin. We initially planned to meet at the Whitelee Windfarm, to explore the expansive gravel tracks that sprawl away from […]

  • Golf Sticks & Push Bikes: 2020 Season Plans

    For me 2019 started off as a year without any particular plan. I was playing golf regulary, not cycling much and I definitely wasn’t going to the gym. Fast forward to October what a difference. A golf trophy to my name, a first win at a FWCC event and 2 stone lighter. I’ve been a […]

  • Running Ghost on CoreOS with Docker

    I’ve been wanting get my personal site back up, as well as write more for a wee while now, and finally got round to taking the plunge after seeing Ghost’s incredible new 1.0 features.

  • Managing Infrastructure on Digital Ocean with Terraform

    As a general fan of the approach “automate all the things” I decided it was time to do a little more work on this blog. I wanted to be able to setup my blog, from datacentre to browser in one command. I decided to go with Terraform as a method for doing this, as it […]