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  • Le Tour Up North: Day 3

    When I was planning this adventure I was worried about the first two days, packing in some big miles to give myself breathing room later in the week. I wasn’t worried at all about my so called “rest day”, a short fifty mile middle section to give myself a little bit of recovery. I spoke […]

  • Golf Sticks & Push Bikes: 2020 Season Plans

    For me 2019 started off as a year without any particular plan. I was playing golf regulary, not cycling much and I definitely wasn’t going to the gym. Fast forward to October what a difference. A golf trophy to my name, a first win at a FWCC event and 2 stone lighter. I’ve been a […]

  • Running Ghost on CoreOS with Docker

    I’ve been wanting get my personal site back up, as well as write more for a wee while now, and finally got round to taking the plunge after seeing Ghost’s incredible new 1.0 features.

  • Managing Infrastructure on Digital Ocean with Terraform

    As a general fan of the approach “automate all the things” I decided it was time to do a little more work on this blog. I wanted to be able to setup my blog, from datacentre to browser in one command. I decided to go with Terraform as a method for doing this, as it […]